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Our Guide to UK Campervan Holidays in the Summer

Our Guide to UK Campervan Holidays in the Summer - Under The Stars Campervan Hire

Summer is coming up which means lighter and sunnier days! For many of us, it even means a summer holiday. And what better way to enjoy a summer staycation than in a campervan.

Are you planning a campervan holiday in the UK this summer? Fantastic! There’s lots to plan with campervan holidays (location, packing, activities, are we bringing the dog, are we bringing the kids, and who’s going to be in charge of the directions), but we have your back and your front.

We know all there is to know about the best campervan holidays in the UK, so here’s our guide to embracing the open road this summer.

Summer Campervan Holidays in the UK

Campervan holidays in England, Wales, and Scotland are EPIC. You have so much freedom to go wherever you want, experience nature, experience culture, and can make your experience completely bespoke.

The beauty of campervanning in the summer is that you can go just about anywhere without weather constraints. And while the UK is full of phenomenal destinations, you might want to pick one of the following…

The Lake District: A campervan holiday legend, The Lake District is for you if you love incredible scenery, adventure activities, and rich history. This is a great location for foodies and anyone who loves walking.

Scotland: From top to bottom, Scotland is a wonderful country with a varied landscape. The North Coast 500 Route is a fantastic choice for a campervan holiday in Scotland.

North Wales: Just a few of the highlights in North Wales are Snowdonia National Park, Mount Snowdon, and Conwy Castle.

The Peak District: This national park in the centre of England is excellent for caving, walking, and climbing. It’s home to spectacular scenery and is perfect for explorers.

Wherever you choose to travel, make sure you do a lot of research ahead of time. To really get the best out of a campervan holiday, you’ll leave yourself enough time to get to each destination and you’ll have chosen what you want to see (with room for a few detours along the way).

Something to note is that you can expect crowds in the summer. The school holidays and the warmer weather encourage people from the UK and beyond to flock to the best holiday destinations in the country. If crowds aren’t your thing, you might like to choose a location that’s off the beaten track or travel earlier or later in the summer.


Though we’re just a small island, the weather and temperature can vary across the UK. In the summer months, the average temperatures in these regions are…


North East: 17°C - 19°C

North West: 17°C - 19°C

Yorkshire & The Humber: 19°C - 21°C

East Midlands: 19°C - 21°C

West Midlands: 19°C - 21°C

East of England: 18°C - 22°C

London: 20°C - 22°C

South East: 19°C - 22°C

South West: 18°C - 20°C


South Scotland: 18°C - 19°C

West Scotland: 15°C - 19°C

North East Scotland: 18°C - 19°C

Central Scotland: 18°C - 20°C

Glasgow: 18°C - 19°C

Highlands & Islands: 16°C - 17°C


North Wales: 17°C - 19°C

Mid Wales: 17°C - 20°C

West Wales: 18°C - 20°C

South Wales: 18°C - 20°C

What to pack

Space is at a premium in campervans, especially if there’s a group of you travelling. And there’s a fine line between underpacking and overpacking. In the summer, we recommend that you pack…

  • Insect repellent

  • Sun cream

  • Comfy shoes

  • Waterproofs and warm layers (yes, even in the summer!)

  • Wellies

  • Swimwear

  • BBQ equipment

  • Toiletries

  • Water bottles

Summer Music Festivals in the UK

A huge summer activity in the UK is, of course, the wide range of music festivals we have available. Whether you’re into pop, punk, or rock’n’roll, there are loads of music festivals in the UK and campervans are part and parcel of enjoying them.

Just a handful of the festivals we have coming up this summer (2022) are:

  • Download Festival (10th - 12th June 2022)

  • Parklife (11th - 12th June 2022)

  • Creamfields (25th - 29th Aug 2022)

  • Leeds Festival (26th - 28th Aug 2022)

If you do go to a summer festival in your campervan, take a look at parking arrangements in advance and make sure you have a safety mechanism in place to prevent break-ins.

Summer Campervanning Tips

These are our tried and tested tips for summer campervan holidays in Britain so that you can get the most out of your break.

  • Stay hydrated. Make sure you have access to plenty of water at all times.

  • Book in advance. If you’re going to be staying at campsites, book in advance because they can fill up quickly. Bring a fan or an air conditioner with you.

  • Be cautious with the sun. Make sure you have shades in your campervan and plenty of sun cream.

  • Wrap up warm at night. It can still get chilly at night, so wear layers to bed if it’s comfortable enough to do so.

To find out all about our Under The Stars Campervan Hire for the Lake District, Scotland, North Wales, and beyond, browse our website. Click here to check prices and availability for campervan hire this summer.


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